Call Us Whatever – The delicate collection

We are so thrilled to finally show you our latest project: “The delicate collection”, an accesory line based on the little details, which is a reflexion of the fine taste that always comes with golden pieces.

Every item was chosen thinking in each of our lovely readers; you can choose between edgy golden or silver rings, fine charm collars and spiked necklaces; and of course our always trendy transparent clutch.

We really hope you love them as much as we do, and find in every piece an statement item for each of your outfits.

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Estamos super emocionadas de mostrarles nuestro más reciente proyecto:  “The delicate collection”, una línea de accesorios basada en los pequeños detalles, la cual es un reflejo del buen gusto que siempre traen consigo las piezas de oro.

Cada pieza fue escogida pensando en cada uno de nuestros increíbles lectores, puedes escoger entre anillos super edgy, collares con dijes y de estoperoles; y por supuesto nuestro siempre popular “clutch transparente”.

De verda esperamos que se enamoren de esta colección tanto como nosotras lo hicimos, y que encuentren en cada artículo, una pieza clave para sus outfits.


The all finger ring (golden) / Top finger rings (available in silver and gold)

The all finger ring (silver)

The skull ring

The claw ring

The nail ring  (available in silver and gold)

 The transparent clutch

The golden bracelet

The Eiffel tower necklace

The elephant necklace

The turtle necklace

The star necklace

The koi fish necklace

The spiked golden necklace

The spike golden and blue necklace

The braid necklace

The spiked headpiece


Special thanks to our beautiful model Aneth García :D


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Posted by: Denise, Anita and Ana Lucía

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4 thoughts on “Call Us Whatever – The delicate collection

  1. Im in love with those rings..
    and the necklace with the eiffel tower is perfect!!


  2. I love them all, my favorite is the Eiffel tower necklace!

  3. JuCoelho says:


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