Cropped and High-Neckline Tops

Dear readers, I have to apologize. For those who were expecting a DIY, you have to know I faced technical difficulties with the sewing machine and unfortunately my top couldn’t be finished. I give you my word that I will be posting it as soon as possible. I will be using it too so I can show you my way of styling it. Meanwhile, I’ll give you a sneak peak into what my DIY is about and some inspiration ideas so you can go ahead and pick fabrics or shapes for your top.

This is so on-trend right now that my advice is to start looking for good key items related to this ones and keep them in your closet cause you will definitely need them soon.


Queridos lectores, tengo que disculparme. Para aquellos que esperaban un DIY, tienen que saber que tuve un problema técnico con la máquina de coser y desafortunadamente no pude terminar. Les prometo que se los compartiré tan pronto lo tenga listo. Lo usaré para que puedan ver cómo lo combiné a mi estilo. Por mientras, les dejo una probadita de lo que será mi DIY y algunas fotos de inspiración para que puedan elegir su tela y forma que usarán en su top. 

Ésto está muy de moda ahora y mi consejo es que empiecen a buscar buenas piezas relacionadas a esto y las guarden ya que las van a estar utilizando muy pronto.






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3 thoughts on “Cropped and High-Neckline Tops

  1. julialinn says:

    Love the first top!!

  2. Crocs Are Awful says:

    Great looks, if I even dare to try them, I will have to hit the gym first!

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