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A friend of mine is getting married this friday, and I’m still hesitating about the hairstyle and makeup. The trouble with me is that I am very critical with my appearance, and when it comes to the saloons I´m never satisfied with the result. The makeup is always to heavy for my taste, and i feel that they never get my point with the hairstyle. I know, very complaining right, so I always end up doing my hair and makeup by myself.

I have searched for some hairstyle ideas and still not decided, I guess I will opt for a braided updo.
What do you think?

Here are some of the hairstyles I´ve been looking, hope they are useful if you have an upcoming event.

Una amiga mía se casará este viernes, y yo aún sigo indecisa sobre el peinado y maquillaje, mi problema siempre es el mismo, soy muy crítica con mi apariencia y cuando voy a salones de belleza nunca quedo satisfecha con el resultado.
El maquillaje siempre es muy cargado para mi gusto y la mayoría de las veces  termino sintiendo que nunca entienden del todo mi idea en cuanto al peinado. Ya lo se, muy quejumbrosa verdad? así que siempre termino peinándome y maquillándome yo misma.

He estado buscando imágenes de peinados y aún no me he decidido del todo, pero creo que optare por un peinado con algunas trenzas, ¿ustedes que opinan?

Aquí están algunas de las imágenes que he encontrado, espero les sirvan si tienen algún evento próximo.

The braided Updo / Peinado con trenzas

The high ponytail / Recogido alto

The bun / La cebolla

The low ponytail / Recogido bajo

Short hairstyles / Peinados de cabello corto

The messy Updo / El recogido despeinado


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Posted by: Ana Lucía

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5 thoughts on “Party Hairstyles

  1. I think you should go for a braided updo, all the pictures were very pretty, especially the one in the middle on the bottom. And I hope your friend has a nice wedding! :)

  2. karidane says:

    As a cosmetologist, I can say WE DREAD wedding styles as well for that very same reason! It’s so hard to create the exact hairstyle someone dreams of based off of someone else’s hair from pictures because of texture, color, different lightings the actual photo was taken in, and thickness. I think it’s best to come up with something with your stylist prior to the event based upon your hairs personality. Or, if doing it yourself, just play around before hand! The pictures you’ve posted are great DIY wedding styles! And braided updo’s are not only easy to create, but can go either way if your friend is having a casual or formal wedding! And makeup is the same way, everyone has different skin, so always talk to your esthetician about what feels best for you and what you currently use! No one product works for everyone!
    It really sounds like you’ve got it down, so don’t be hesitant! Be confident! You’ll look great, and I’m sure the bride will have an awesome day! God bless!

  3. loving the braided updos. if my hair was long I would so rock the high ponytail with braids, but unfortunately…….. lol

  4. marisaporter says:

    I like the very first braided updo, and under messy up do – the 3rd. I have to get ready for a wedding to so this caught my eye. I have no idea what to do with my hair or shoes.

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