Absolute Attraction Photoshoot – Part 2

Here’s the second and last part of our photoshoot in collaboration with Enfoque35, with styling and different products from Call Us Whatever. A million thanks again to Enfoque35’s amazing team for an unbelievable job (CLICK HERE to visit their Facebook Page and book them). Thanks to BangBangBangMX for choosing us to launch their #BloggersTalkBBBMX series with our story and brand (CLICK HERE to read the interview) and to all our incredible and faithful readers and followers for supporting us all the way up to this very moment, every day closer to the big anniversary moment! 


Aquí está la segunda y última parte de nuestra colaboración con Enfoque35, un styling  y collares Call Us Whatever diferentes. De nuevo mil gracias al equipo de Enfoque35 por su increíble trabajo (CLICK AQUI para ir a su página de Facebook). Gracias a BangBangBangMX por comenzar su serie #BloggersTalkBBBMX con nostras (CLICK AQUI para ver la entrevista) Y a todos nuestros lectores y fieles seguidores por apoyarnos siempre, cada vez está más cerca el aniversario!




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Posted by: Anita, Denise and Ana Lucia

We “Call Us Whatever” own all of the pictures and material posted here. However we agree to let you use our content as long as it is properly referred to us and linked back to our page. Thanks for visiting.

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3 thoughts on “Absolute Attraction Photoshoot – Part 2

  1. Chic Lapin says:

    Estáis preciosas! :D

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