Back to school Inspo

Se están acabando las vacaciones, no más playa, lugares nuevos o incluso tener días libres… regresa la temporada de clases y trabajo… ya están listas?
Vacations are coming to an End, no more beach, new landscapes or even having free days… work and school season is getting closer… are you ready?

Lo que me encantaba de regresar a la escuela, aparte de iniciar algo nuevo ya sea escuela diferente, compañeros diferentes o sólo un semestre nuevo. Es regresar con algo nuevo como un buen bronceado, nuevo look, closet renovado, una buena bolsa escolar, tal vez unos lentes o incluso una actitud diferente!

Así que decidí compartirles algunas fotos de muy buenos looks para el back to school, considero que agregue una buena variante según tu estilo. Si vas muy formal, girly o literal en tennis y mochila. Todo se vale! Mientras te sientas tú misma.

What I used to love about going back to school, besides starting something new whether different school, different partners or just a new semester. Is coming back with something new like a good tan, new look, new closet, a good school bag, maybe a the it sunnies or even a different attitude!

So I decided to share some photos of really good looks for back to school, I think I added different looks to suit your style. If you’re very formal,  girly or you like going to school in tennis and backpack. Anything is valid! Just be yourself!

Have the best day!


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Posted by: Denise

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One thought on “Back to school Inspo

  1. juliecrombe says:

    Love the fact that you write in two languages! It’s great to keep practicing my Spanish ;-)
    Please check out my blog and let’s follow each other! ;-) xx

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