Colorful pants

My favorite color is definitely black, and the reason is very simple: it is a color without complications, that it can be easily mixed with every other one, and still being so chic, but sometimes I feel in the mood to use colorful items like these h&m pants that I found so happy and fun, this time I decided to use them with a black peplum blouse.

Mi color favorito definitivamente es el negro, y la razón es muy simple, es un color sin complicaciones que puede combinarse con cualquier otro y seguir viéndose elegante, pero algunas veces me siento también con ganas de usas prendas coloridas como estos pantalones de H&M que me parecen muy divertidos, esta vez decidí usarlos con una blusa peplum negra.

Wearing ZARA shoes/ H&M pants and blouse/ Vintage bag

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Posted by: Ana Lucía

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13 thoughts on “Colorful pants

  1. The Fashion Dictator says:

    I love your posts, because you are always so well dressed, both of you.
    First of all, I love, love, love your hair!
    Beautiful ombre.

    The pants are beautiful. And I love how you combined them with a simple peplum top, and a pair of shoes that only accentuate the high hill with the beautiful color.
    Bravo,perfect! :)

  2. thank you so much for your lovely comment :)

  3. I adore these H&M pants and the black peplum was a perfect way to top off the bold pants. :) I recently just bought some bcbg pants that are a bold pattern. I will have to go out and purchase the black peplum, only because your outfit inspired me! thanks!

  4. I love the pants and the combination with the pep lump black shirt! It looks so classy and chic but at the same time so trendy! Nicely done!

  5. Love theses pants! They look great.
    x Kirsty

  6. Thanks for your comments on my blog!!
    Oh and I looove those shoes:)

  7. I wish I knew of your blog before!! I followed:) please check mine out too at:

  8. Omg love everything about this!!

  9. swslife says:

    Fresh look! And love love love the hair:)

  10. Fantastic outfit! Absolutely love the pants :)

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