Kate through the years

The Kate Moss Book, is a book launched in november 15 at Marc Jacobs’ London book store, created by the model herself, which shows the path that has followed her career through photographs, many of them never been seen from her own archives.

I really believe that she is one of the most iconic models of all times, and here are some Kate´s pictures through the years.

The Kate Moss Book, es un libro lanzad el pasado 15 de noviembre en la Librería de Marc Jacobs de Londres, este libro fue creado por ella misma, el cual muestra el camino que ha seguido su carrera a través de fotografías, muchas de ellas nunca antes vistas de sus archivos personales.

En verdad creo que ella es una de las modelos más emblemáticas de todos los tiempos, aquí dejo algunas de sus fotos a través de los años.

Source: Britsh Vogue

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Posted by: Ana Lucía

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3 thoughts on “Kate through the years

  1. Lucia says:

    Great post. I don’t really like Kate Moss anymore, but there’s no denying she was stunning when she was younger!

  2. Amazing post, you’ve picked the best pictures, the ones which capture the true essence of a style icon, a myth. I simply cannot deny that I adore Kate and everything she represents.

  3. DeSmitten says:

    kate is a favorite of mine, no matter how old she gets!

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