One of the most “hard-to-achieve” trends we find is mixing patterns. Well, get soaked with all this examples styled with perfection. Whether you stick to the same color palette or take a bigger risk with contrasting prints and colors, take this tips in consideration:

  • -Mix similar prints with different scales.
  • -Look for contrasting or combining colors such as red&blue / green&purple, or stay in between tones considering the warm and cool palettes.
  • Always keep a simple silhouette.

Una de las tendencias actuales “más complicadas de conseguir” es la de mezclar estampados. Bueno, aquí hay suficientes ejemplos de ésta técnica aplicada a la perfección. Ya sea que optes por usar una sola gama de colores, o te quieras arriesgar usando estampados con figuras y colores contrastantes, toma en consideración estos consejos:

  • Mezcla estampados similares con diferente tamaño.
  • Busca colores que combinen o contrasten como azul&rojo / verde&morado, o conserva un grupo de colores variando en su tonalidad.
  • Siempre conserva una silueta sencilla.

Now go mix&match!

Sources: Prabal Gurung / Tory Burch /  Stella McCartney / Roberto Cavalli / Rachel Roy / Harper’s Bazaar / The Sartorialist / Chictopia

Posted by: Anita

We “Call Us Whatever” do not own all of the pictures and material posted. However we agree to credit any author or source of information referred, and  would be glad if you did the same with ours. Thanks for visiting.


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  1. Butterfly009 says:

    Why is your blog post only loading part way and then stopping? I’ve tried refreshing the page a couple of times however I still can’t view the entire post. SwOu71er.

    • Hi, the post should be loading correctly. It works fine in our computers, but we have been experiencing some trouble with WordPress today. Maybe it will be fixed later. We will double check as well to make sure it is working appropriately. Thanks for visiting!

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